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Dec 22, 2017

It’s our very first Christmas Not-So-Spectacular! Amy & Ami discuss holiday traditions, reconciling being an atheist with the love of Christmas, and how many fucks they don’t have to give this year. And Amy gets particularly surly about the harsh Minnesota winter. Plus, a super special gift to our listeners is revealed at the end of the episode! A very heartfelt “thank you” to both Eli Bosnick and Cecil Cicirello for making it happen!! As always, this episode contains (a lot of) salty language. Consider yourself warned. You can find us on Facebook at You can email us at You can follow us on Instagram @secularsoup You can give us all the moneyz on Patreon at Or you can PayPal all the moneyz to us at You can’t tweet at us, because we’re too old for the Twitters. And finally, a shout-out to Bill, whose last name we won’t use because it would sully his good reputation to be associated with us, for editing this episode for. You are a hero among men! As always, thank you to Marissa Alexa McCool for producing our show and for being generally awesome.