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Jan 28, 2021

This week Amy chats with Dell Onnerth about the Inauguration, small town murders, bein’ German, and America’s horrendous disability system. You know, fun stuff!

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Skeptarchy Podcast

Evidence Based Eating Podcast

Dell’s episode of I’d Date Me

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In the Dark Podcast

Down the...

Jan 18, 2021

This week the Amieys luck out and have a fabulous conversation with Momma Ashley Rose about her work with LGBTQ youth, and what it means to be a “family-friendly” Drag Queen. And if you’re just listening on your phone, you should really check out the video here.

Check out Momma’s work:

Rose Dynasty Foundation

Jan 12, 2021

Apparently terrorism is cool as long as you’re white and just trying to “take back” the Capitol building! Awesome sauce!

Trump's Temper Tantrum

As always, this episode contains (a lot of) salty language. Consider yourself warned.

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Jan 2, 2021

As 2020 draws to a close, we round out the holiday season by doing some more complaining about the worst year ever with Nikki and Brently from Unapologetix.

On the Tequila by Alanis Morissette

Dr. Dylan's COVID Vaccine Talk

Make sure to check all four of us out on the Holiday Cheer Stream-A-Thon benefiting the...