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Apr 1, 2018

Is social media good or bad? Do the benefits of online communities outweigh the drawbacks? How do you handle those bitches in all the parenting groups? Also, why doesn’t anyone hit on us at Target, and why do our kids insist on buying WAY too many video games? As always, this episode contains (a lot of) salty language. Consider yourself warned. Delightful Bitchcraft is finally here! Albeit in a very limited fashion. Buy some merch before Amy burns down the shop again: You can find us on Facebook at You can email us at You can follow us on Instagram @secularsoup You can give us all the moneyz on Patreon at Or you can PayPal all the moneyz to us at You can’t tweet at us, because we’re too old for the Twitters. Thanks once again to the amazing Rich Lyons for editing this episode for us! He patiently puts up with our bullshit every week! As always, thank you to Marissa Alexa McCool for producing our show and for being generally awesome. You can find and support Marissa’s most recent project, The Transgender Podcaster Visibility Initiative at